Our Story

The Beginning

We were health fanatics but the unfortunate reality was that we loved chocolate. Although there were sugar free chocolates in the market, we found them to either be full of poor ingredients, be of poor quality or even just fake chocolate. The influx of poor quality protein bars in the market and other health snacks wasn’t doing it for us either. The poor quality of sugar free chocolate and nutritional bars gave us an idea - why not improve both together?

Our desire for something better sparked our ambition to try to make the world’s healthiest chocolate. We wanted to make and share chocolate which would made of the cleanest ingredients, high quality cacao, fuel the body and mind, and have an amazing nutritional profile.

Becoming Healthy Chocolate Makers

Armed with our passion for both health and chocolate, we set out to learn everything we could about chocolate. Surprisingly, our background and experience in biochemistry came in handy - chocolate making can be an intensive, though delicious, process!

Over the course of over a year, we at ZoRaw spent countless hours researching, taking courses, and inventing new formulations. We also began to appreciate the pure taste of true chocolate and set to make the best chocolate we could from scratch. On top of that, we ensured that whatever we made was healthy for the body. After over hundreds of formulations, we finally got there.

We made sure to only use the cleanest ingredients in our proprietary ZoRaw recipes and to start each of our batches from scratch with raw cacao nibs. All of our ingredients go through the full cycle of the chocolate-making process, in order to achieve the healthiest and most delectable chocolate that we’ve ever tasted.

Spreading ZoRaw

ZoRaw is now ready to spread the goodness that we created. After hundreds of formulations, our obsession for perfection has allowed us to make a healthy protein bar made purely from chocolate.

Tell us what you think! Eating well and enjoying what we eat is important to us. Have any questions about ZoRaw? Think we can improve on anything? Contact us and let us know!

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